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pigeon, pigeoff

Radburne war

Posted on 2011.07.21 at 12:24
I've offered to run a couple of classes at Radburne war, here is idea one :
First catch your hare
The story of both plant and animal foods from our time period, varieties, origins and
other diverse knowledge of these raw ingredients.

Ideas are welcome!

pigeon, pigeoff


Posted on 2011.07.21 at 10:24
Please ignore the previous melodrama!



Posted on 2011.07.15 at 21:31
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
The place I left no longer exists, so I can't go back. Forward is somewhat problematic and I've been stuck in the one spot for years too long?



Posted on 2011.07.06 at 20:07
Current Mood: pensivepensive
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So, we are having a cold snap. Yesterday afternoon I went to feed the pigeons and found the two squab dead :( this sucks.
Three of my wonderful Nieces held a funeral for them, and then I overheard them having stern words with the parent birds about their parenting skills !  It's slightly strange to be saddened by the death of something which you were probably going to eat, at least one would have been, the other could have become part of the great messenger pigeon experiment. Oh well, next time.    

  Oh and ducks have some disturbing kinks and sexual behaviors, quack means quack.

pigeon, pigeoff

My job is awesome

Posted on 2011.06.24 at 23:00
My job is awesome, I get to help some pretty cool people, I have great coworkers, It's a 15 minute walk to work and I have done so many different things as part of my job.
 So far this year I have... made charcoal to use in the gardens, propagated lots of plants, built a three bay compost bin, caught yabbies, sieved rocks, picked macadamia nuts, picked lemons, made mud bricks, watched birds, weeded, made flower presses, tracked animals, lots of other things. I am spoilt. There are a few pictures of where I work , some of them old, some of them more recent here www.assertservices.org.au/index.php .

So anyway, I had a work meeting this afternoon, learnt a bit a bout metal illness and some Auslan. I'm rather glad that I found it worthwhile, since I was going to be catching up with someone who is rather awesome until I realised that the meeting clashed with my plans.

In other news, I've been playing with nerf guns, when the results are worth taking photos of I'll post some.

pigeon, pigeoff

Back I think!

Posted on 2011.06.22 at 18:41
Well long time no words!
 I'm going to try and update my LJ more often, okay maybe that should just be update.
I'll need to take some photos as well, there are a few new things around, and my pigeons hatched two very small squab today and yesterday
I've been busy getting the pigeon loft up to scratch, I think it may be a long term project though. Next step, refurbishing chookingham palace.

pigeon, pigeoff


Posted on 2009.03.10 at 11:15

I just saw this, I'm looking for information on agricultural in QLD for "TREC"(Enviro group) and so I went to the Queensland Farmers federation page www.qff.org.au/ . It has a pair of obviously farmer hands gently holding a young chick. I find this hilarious, they can't be a chicken farmer, thats just not what modern chicken farms are like,. It's interesting but not unexpected to see such a romanticised image on their web page, cute but sadly unreal. I think last time I looked at  QFF"S site was a few years ago and it had tractors and harvesters all over it now they have changed and seem to be promoting a more sensitive image. Hopefully it's more than just pictures.

pigeon, pigeoff

Competence, confidence

Posted on 2009.03.10 at 10:43
Current Music: It's business time: flight of the conchords
Life is scary, not in a bad way, I feel as though I'm relearning so many parts of my life especially how to feel competent and confident. I'm finding it really interesting so life is pretty good these days. I have an interesting lifestyle, I work at a wholesale nursery two days a week, the people are good, the works not to bad and I have money, which apparently is a plus?
The rest of my time is spent being me, working with The "Toowoomba Regional Environmental Council" a NGO and becoming a rural firefighter.
  That's my update for now, I think I might make the letters bigger so It looks like more ; )

pigeon, pigeoff

Well I will ask stupid questions

Posted on 2008.12.01 at 23:43
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: the frogs in our Dam

I've just acquired 7 young meat chickens, yes we are going to eat them, yes I'm kind of taking the self sufficiency thing a bit further, but hey, I've got the space and any way, I've always  dreamed of having a completely home grown roast dinner.
Anyway despite all of my attempts to ignore this fact bay chickens are cute. This has not escaped the attention of an 8 year old niece of mine and when she asked why I was growing chooks to eat I attempted to explain all of my thoughts. " would you rather eat food from animals that were happy and ate natural food?" " would you rather eat a chook that had lived in a barn and ate only chook pellets, or one that got to live in the sunlight and  got to eat grass and bugs?". That was my stupid question, the answer, " in a barn" why? ' 'cause the outdoor ones eat bugs  ewww".

pigeon, pigeoff

Big red car

Posted on 2008.11.14 at 17:06

Haven't posted lately sorry, Hope everyone is alive and well,I do care, just , well lots of things.
I have been getting DRIVING LESSONS, I'm up to 4 I haven't crashed, I haven't freaked out and I have done really well. I've also been driving through traffic which was a bit daunting but I can do it!!!!!!!

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