5 September 1976
Queensland, Australia
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Ryde College of Tafe - Sydney NSW AU (1996 - 2000)
University of Queensland - Gatton - Gatton QLD AU (2003 present)
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alternative, alternative energy, alternative politics, amphibians, andy goldsworthy, animals, antechinus, aquaculture, australia, australian fish, australiana, backyard fish, bad jokes, bagpipes, bands, bat watching, bats, birds, books, building, bushcraft, bushwalking, camping, cheese, cider, clouds, concerts, cooking, dresden dolls, dry stone walling, early music, ecology, fishponds, folk music, food, forgotten crafts, full dams, gardening, glassfish, gospel of thomas, green grass, gudgeons, hardyheads, herbs, heritage buildings, hiking, hinduism, history, india, kim stanley robinson, kitchen gardens, life, literature, markets, marsupials, medieval cooking, medieval herbs, medieval music, movies, muppets, music, national parks, nature, no more drought, odd food, orach, permaculture, poetry, pole lathes, poultry, puns, puppetry, rain, rainbow fish, raymond e fiest, reading, rem, reptiles, rider haggard, river cottage, sca, slater-kinney, spoonerisms, stuff, terry pratchett, the howling bells, the john butler trio, the tea party, tinwhistles, triplej, victorian gardens, wombats, yeah yeah yeahs
Who Am I? I am a very happily married, 30 year old boy.
If you're in the SCA you may know me as Sigurd the garden dude, but, there are some who call me .... Tim

Where am I? I live in a beautiful wildlife and plant filled semi-rural area of South east Queensland near Toowoomba.

I like music both listening to it as well as trying to play it, am a compulsive cook and I almost always have a book nearby.

I’m an idealist, a romantic and a huge fan of wombats, especially commons.I'm also into Australian native freshwater fish, at the moment.